Mediterranean Entrepreneur

During 2008 the chain invoiced to 160 million Euros through his almost 500 tax exemptions. The net number of business of Carlin in the past exercise ascends to near 3 million Euros. The investment necessary to install one of the businesses that Ofimarket and Hiperpapelera contemplates to CARLiN it oscillates between the 60,000 and 125,000 Euros in the premises from 50 m2, located in zones with a population between 15,000 and 20,000 inhabitants. Royalty is variable from 300 Euros/month the first year and the publicity canon is assumed from the power station. The franchise-holder profile that looks for corresponds with: – Enterprising, optimistic person, with vocation of industralist and economic capacity. – With desire to mount an own business. – The figure of the investor does not discard, but it prefers itself that the person is to in front of the business. Until the moment, the good work of CARLiN has been recognized with seven awards: Prize to Best Franchisor 2009 granted by the magazine Tax exemptions Today, Prize to the Tax exemption of Greater Development 2008, granted by the same publication; Prize to the Tax exemption of Year 2007 by the magazine Leaders; Prize to Expansion 2006 (magazine Our Businesses); Prize to the Mediterranean Entrepreneur in the Barcelona hall Businesses & Tax exemptions 2006; Prize to the Best National Tax exemption in 2005, the SIF& Co. of Valencia, and Prize Excellence 2003 by the magazine Leaders. Note to the journalists: For more information, request of interviews or graphical material you do not doubt in contacting to us Weaving Maria Crowned Nuria Tlno: 91 657 42 81

Van Rental: Seville

If you want to contract a vehicle in a company of rent of vans in Seville you can do, it of three different ways: a) Llama to the company of rent of vans in Seville and reserves your vehicle by telephone. When gathering the car you will have to show your driver’s license effective. You can do it to the reserve with your debit or credit card. b) It personally reserves a vehicle in an agency of rent of vans in Seville. By means of the yellow pages or the information of contact you will be able dirigirte to the company of rent of vans in Seville and to contract your vehicle. You will have to take the driver’s license and if it comes, the information on your insurance. c) It reserves your vehicle in the Web.

You can go to visit the pages Webs of the companies of rent of vans in Seville and to reserve to your vehicle by means of a credit card or debit. In order to gather the van and that gives it to you you will have to teach your driver’s license. In order to find a good price you will have to visit several pages in Internet and to compare its prices and their supplies. You only must choose the way that is more comfortable to reserve your vehicle to you in a company of rent of vans in Seville.

Commercialization Ground Fertilization and correction of the ground chemical Fertilizations is composites that they aim at to supply the deficiencies in vital substances to the survival of vegetables. They are applied in agriculture with intention to improve the production. The plants need diverse chemical elements: ) Macronutrientes? carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, match, sulphur, calcium, magnesium and potassium; b) Micronutrientes? boron, cobalto, have covered, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. Some of these elements are satiated available in the environment and are directly assimilable for the plants, as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Others as Nitrogen although satiated available in the atmosphere it is not directly absorvvel for the plants or the process of absorption are very slow. To the necessary elements and that normally they are added to the ground to supply deficiencies and to increase the productivity calls seasonings.

The fertilization is indispensable for the production of hortalias, being that they are all of short cycle and in the lack of the same one can cause serious consequences in the production. It serves to supply the existing necessities and that they will be detected through a laboratorial analysis of the ground. Moreover, she can be chemical or organic and even though to use the two. The correction is made generally before the preparation of the ground, where the used mineral more is the calcareous rock making with that it neutralizes the acidity, varying the PH of culture for culture. 1.4.5 Commercialization According to Sandroni (1999, P. 209), ' ' Commercialization is the intermediate process between the producer and the consumer. It consists of placing the goods and services produced to the disposal of the consumer, in the form, time and place where it is made use I acquired-los&#039 it; '. Currently the commercialization if carries through with the application of the techniques and the processes of the marketing that study the market to discover which products and services that it demand and in which amounts.