Many years ago, a small fishing boat, was shipwrecked on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea. The sea, which captivates us with his sweet face, we also punishes with all its fury when he is angry. One of the fishermen who disappeared in the depth and ferocity of the waters, left on Earth to a beautiful young woman, waiting to share the rest of their lives together. When it abated the storm, other boats went out to look for the missing, but the ocean doesn’t return to their prey. Days passed and the search ended. The weeks fell in the calendar and hopes to see them again vanished from the hearts of everyone on Earth, were condemned to wait for them forever.

However, the young woman not resignaba to their loss, and spent hours, sitting in the port, overlooking the sea, waiting for the return of her beloved. The legend, one day of storm, a wave pitied his sadness and his solitude and dragged it down so I could meet him. Provided that some way to the Bay of the Shell, by that magical and spectacular ride, I approach the comb of the wind and think maybe they live happy in those waters, enjoying their eternal happiness. I guess the girl sitting in the sculpture of twisted steel, which with surprising delicacy, combed their hair rowdy by the wind. I can imagine how much there is to love, to die for love. Our photo of the day today, has been possible thanks to one of the three sculptures of Eduardo Chillida, which form the comb of the wind. Work which the author ended in 1976.

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Luther King

Do do human beings are creating more extraordinary that exists on this planet and many wonder quiero ser feliz?, how be happy?, how to be a millionaire?, as achieving prosperity and the most valuable tool we have is our great mental power that we can use it in our favor. Now all we need is to discover and understand this great mental power to achieve success in finance, love, health, etc and the human being is capable of attaining wealth with just wishing it and know that what separates us from poverty to wealth is just a brilliant idea and at the time that ideas come to our mind then the other crucial piece is putting action and wait the results for go optimizing. Just as the law of gravity there are other laws that govern the universe and thought we can not see it and we can see is the fingerprint of the thought and its effect; Likewise everything that the human mind can conceive or create can be achieved and to read the following phrases of the great thinkers that existed have left us his legacy in These lines: 1. would not know that this is power, all I know is that it exists. Gahan Bell 2. You create your own universe along the way.

Winston Churchill 3. All we are is the result of our thoughts. Budha 4. Imagination is everything, is an early vision of the things that will come in life. Albert Eintein 5. Take your first step with faith, it is not necessary to see all the stairs, just take the first step. Matin Luther King. We can now give us says that life is a gift that every human being receives at birth and prosperity, abundance, happiness, is an extra gift you will receive him with faith and trusting that all these blessings belong to you and to read these lines you realize how valuable you are and can achieve what you propose. We are the architects of our own destiny, our reality, once we accept that reality will have the power to change it to anything you want and applying the power of the mind we will achieve prosperity, health, spiritual well-being and economic well-being, hope you have learned and to have contributed in the pursuit of your happiness in your personal growth and you can achieve success in all areas of your life. I wish you the best of the successes, and if you want to learn more I recommend you visit the following website > original author and source of the article.

Rio De Janeiro

From these changes the companies had taken new routes and had started then to see with other eyes its employees, since they are people who dress the shirt day after day and try to win the barriers of the market that grow and to each day that passes if it becomes more competitive so that a company pass of the birth, that exceeds all the cycles of the difficulties and is in the maturity and that way they remain themselves. For this reason the companies had started to see with other eyes these that fight so that the company reaches the objectives and the goals established in the daily one of an organization, finishing then for innovating and having a considerable attention for the human beings, recognizing and remunerating well. The collaborators of a company today are seen as statistical forms in accordance with the direction lead what it competes to it, that is, were given as a sustentation of the politics of the Human resources what they are abilities and abilities. Remuneration for Abilities They are evaluated and qualified of form with knowledge technician that had been acquired throughout the time, or through the studied theories, curricular courses, lectures, formations. The activities, the challenges of the positions are related to all, that is, for the people whom knowledge has and executes in way technique or operational of diversified form the responsibilities that had been granted to it. Remuneration for ability Is through a set of item, evaluates the actions, behaviors which are essential for the success of the professionals and the organization in question, as to have the attendance differentiated to the customers, team spirit, they are considered as aspects of abilities that must be observed by professionals who are evaluating. Consideraes Final I had the perception through this research that today the companies are if adaptando the changes and that valley to the penalty not to have amount instead of the quality, in the present is primordial enabled professional terms that they play with quality its functions and that through its abilities and abilities developed or improved through knowledge technician they are of extreme importance for the organization.

In these new times the organizations must observe the collaborators whom they execute beyond its functions that had been granted to it, remunerate the results in accordance with longed for and that they had been gotten successfully. through these measures that will be able to inside exist of the organization a healthful competition, generating benefits for the company being able still more to profit to enter to the constant success.

Search Engines

Since I’m in the Internet business, one of the objectives of all is to be up high in the search engines, especially in big G. However, when you are trying to make money online, being the number one is not the only thing. I’ve met many people and many devote extraordinary amounts of time, money and effort to be number one in the search engines. Some have done it, others will be there. However, there is something that must be clarified. Be number one in a search engine won’t you give to earn money. At least not as you imagine it.

Many people are going with the illusion that living up to high in the search engine will bring tons of traffic and, therefore, money. Mmmmm, not. That someone will see your site on the first page alone can give you a visitor. It’s your site, your content and your offer that you will earn money. I guess that you’ve been in places crimp beads which give only shame and courage at having lost 5 seconds of your life having fallen there. It is important that your visitors do not have that impression of yours.

Otherwise, all your work is useless. With This is not to say that optimizing your site for search engines is not important, but you should know that it is not the most important thing. An online business requires that several things are ready to work and need to get into everything. Organic traffic from search engines is free and focused, but sales are that are going to pay for all their efforts. It is sad, but if your site sucks, what you’ve invested in your optimization campaign will go through a tube, especially if the changes you make will change the variables that you have first in search engines. So worry about search engines, but, first and foremost, optimized for humans, which will be those who will visit your site. You have everything for an algorithm can give you a reason to presume with your acquaintances, but not necessarily give you money. Design with marketing in mind. You can then optimize everything you want. Well, that if you want to earn money on the Internet. Visit the following link to see how to make money on the Internet. Original author and source of the article

Spanish Development

The gastronomic sense of alicante restaurants is renewed with the way in which its restaurants are presenting to Spain and the world. For that reason, it is the city, the community itself, knows that he has a chance to large in your hands from becoming Center of tasting of the first order. What you need to remember about Alicante is that it is one of those potentially interesting sites which, incidentally, saved a deep historical relationship with the development of Spain at a cultural level. Food is somehow making his contribution to recover these spaces. There are more restauranteros premises. It is also true that sometimes the old business of meals are taking a new face in certain assembly areas.

It is something that is absolutely normal as consequent in turn, of a way to assimilate with intelligence and showing what you want to do in Alicante. There is a group of people as purely social interests and development. These are framed, of course, in the Alicante premises of foods business, which generates a series of benefits and really interesting opportunities. To do this, the contrast between the food and society is necessary. In a town that is slowly discovering their restaurants options, obviously that we face the possibility of generating methods of selective appropriation in terms of food businesses.

If to this we add a great development of the concept of Spanish gastronomic tourism, we have truly amazing possibilities. On the other hand, is it is also contributing significantly to the social development of Alicante in some way. Loa restaurants and general premises of meals are doing something interesting that can go deeper in the menus, and create a care around dishes and human warmth. However that was not a task as simple as you think, all ways is necessary the participation both of the native community as a foreign or from other parts of Spain to continue fostering this growth so interesting. Not we cannot ignore the enormous benefits it provides. In addition, it is not something surprising the fact of that somehow Alicante is recovering his name at tourist level, and that the meals are truly contributing to this stage of training? Good; It is a way to view positively all information related to the primary development efforts of restaurateur from Alicante. Spain has a huge tradition of sensations and relations around the dishes. Most also is a way of doing more exalted that can be found in Alicante in the field of restaurants: your culinary diversification. It has been a great solvency customers and tourists made present. On the other hand, let us not forget that everything to do with the best in terms of restaurants options in Alicante can find it a solid reference. In this way, we certainly will integrate in a way to see and feel the food in such a special place. Reference:


If you are a regular user of the Internet surely you’ve heard already on several occasions that our favorite search engine Google is taking steps of large animal and gets dangerously close to monopoly! Terror! Absence of Microsoft, Google comes with all their heavy artillery of latest technology to prevent that other small businesses have access to the large market of online business! It is sad if you think that the sad thing is the growth of Google and its black intention of wanting to monopolize the market, you are wrong. The sad thing is that there are people losing their valuable time on the Internet criticizing Google, putting obviously negative energies in these exchanges indeed bring nothing positive to their lives. If you are interested in prosperity, truly interested – and I think this is your case, otherwise you’d be not reading this – you should feel a healthy envy and admiration for Google, and since they have triumphed and made money and what you want is to succeed then should be on the side of Google! Google should be your number one hero! Do not misunderstand me. You have every right in the world to have a point of view on the concept of monopoly and airing your objective opinion in certain circumstances. But wallow in the criticism and say that it hates to a company – in this case – plunges to whom negative makes it a spiral absolutely. These critical anti monopoly are based of course on the false belief that resources are limited and belief – yet most dumb – of that when takes a little more account there is someone who are removing that bit. It is not.

Resources are unlimited and Google not being removed anything to anyone. I wonder, just out of curiosity, what would happen if all these programmers, designers, entrepreneurs, Internet users or webmasters who are alarmed by the monopoly of Google in the forums were called to be part of the team of our search of yore everytime someone criticises Google for their dangerous advance towards monopoly, this person is putting on the side of the scarcity and poverty and not on the side of abundance and prosperity. Which side are you? Look at how many situations of your life pass daily in which you can take sides by abundance, wealth, prosperity and money, rather than put you on the wrong side. The message that you send to the universe is a vibration in accordance with your best wishes for wealth and success. Original author and source of the article.