Month: July 2014


4.Metodologia of research For analysis of quotients, will be used the following indices: ) Composition of indebtedness (structure index) Discloses to which the existing ratio enters the obligations of short term in relation to the total obligations, how much the company will have to pay in short term for each Real of the total of…

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The sad constatao is that the people has the covering that deserves. People you free of entities stimulants of triunfalistas devaneios are immunized against this type of encantamento. Some ministries invoke the aid of this demon, instead of banishing them from its cults. One asks, that it hangs in air, raises the possibility of innumerable…

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Russia’s Forests

Within a few hours after the accident spot area reached 25 square kilometers by the end of the week spot spread over 130 km along the Yenisei. From the oil patches hit fisheries' Izerbel 'and' Sayan trout, where a total of 400 tons of trout were killed. Representatives of Fisheries did not record the death…

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