City Ulyanovsk

Word – volatile material, ephemeral, even written down on paper, it is not fully defined, each tries to read it in its own way. But the bronze and stone pretend to eternity. Therefore, residents of the city of Ulyanovsk (Simbirsk) tried to perpetuate his countrymen building monuments. But with the monuments as something has not worked … The first experience was a monument to Nikolai Karamzin, was opened in 1845. Money was collected locally subscription initiative belonged to the local nobility, but the question of appearance was decided at the highest level. The result was a non-trivial composition – the muse of history, Clio on a high pedestal under her feet, in an alcove, a bust of Karamzin's somehow in a Roman toga, on sides of the bas-reliefs with Karamzin and members of the royal family, again dressed in antique-style … Guest did not take long.

"The monument, erected in Ulyanovsk Karamzin, has brought into place. People looking at the statue of Clio and interprets, who is a daughter or a wife Karamzin it? Miserable does not understand that this is the goddess of history! I can not find words to express to you my disappointment, that after such a great person erecting the age-old nonsense "(Letter to H. Yazykov to N. Gogol 1844). "The bas-reliefs are bad, the figure in imitation of Rome poluobnazheny and funny in Russia, and the figure of Clio gave people reason to think that the site posed a robber repented of the Volga, and call it a cast-iron a woman.

Langdon Strategy

In general terms, a strategy is a set of planned actions whose conception and implementation pursue a particular purpose in specific terms to business strategy, according to Norton and Irving (1999) La strategy is what we do, what we want to make our Organization and towards where we want to ir. Bruce and Langdon (2000) extend this concept by adding the interrogative adverb: () and como is widely known that the elaboration of strategies are based on diagnostic companies produced with support of the use of different tools for self-analysis and consideration of the external environment such as the SWOT matrix, the PESTLE Studio, the identification of core competencies, modeling of Porter’s 5 forces, among others. One might then think that all companies whose corporate models are composed of variables with identical value, where its internal particularities with regard to weaknesses and strengths are equivalent, and that they operate in the same market and low the same conditions of competition as changes in the external environment affect each and every one of them equivalently-; they would react similarly before any change that experience your environment regardless of their dimension or depth. Under these conclusions is wouldn’t be illogical to make strategic proposals conceived in the womb of each of their boards of directors were also synonyms between if and therefore also constant and predictable. According to this hypothesis the key of the success probably stems in the speed and efficiency with which each could deploy as planned according to the immediacy required given a change of situation specific. This hypothesis is incorrect. Organizations are complex systems similar to living organisms, with personality, soul and spirit. Fingerprints which leave printed by history and the chain of desoxirribonucleicos acids that comprise it are unique to each one. There are no two alike, and therefore, their responses to the environmental stimuli, even under conditions identical, are also uneven.

The Works

The works are performed in a single ensemble with design of the house, that is attic room properly equipped and confines. Finishing materials are commonly used are the same as for the equipment and ground floors. Another thing – to construct and equip with modern attic at the ready, operated by the house. Except planning and there is a number of design challenges, including the stairs to the attic unit, strengthening the floor and ensure reliable insulation of walls and sloping roofs. Strengthening of the roof rafters and ceiling solved with the help of triangular trusses, made of wood.

They are easily mounted on the roof of the individual elements. Elements of the farm are interconnected by means of punched metal plates nailed to the tree on both sides. Experience shows that such a design and reliable, and durable. It is convenient and economically advantageous for complex roofs, where the load-bearing structures are composed of several elements. The easiest way to handle the walls – this covering space between the rafters paneling, wall panels, sheets of drywall or plywood. And the rafters themselves cover a dark paint or pinoteksom. Paul made a wooden attic: boards nailed directly to the beams, on top of sound and heat insulating material.

To loft could be used in cold weather, the space between the rafters is filled with effective insulation – plate of mineral wool, polyurethane foam, foam, etc. Then the covering of boards or chipboard made over the insulation, forming smooth walls. Then, the surface is treated shpatlyuetsya and wallpaper or colored latex or oil paint. An important element of illumination lighting is modern attic window, which is placed in a vertical front wall, or cut through the roof. Skylights in roof let more light than vertical walls, so these windows are especially attractive in regions where natural daylight is short. In the case where it is necessary to reduce the illumination provided appropriate sun protection – thick curtains or blinds. Lighting will be quite sufficient if the window size is 10% of floor area. Moreover, it is proved that 'gazing' into the sky box gives 40% more light than a dormer of the same size. You can set the window far enough – at 80-90 cm and have a good review, but the ideal is its location at a distance of 185-205 cm from the floor to the handle for opening. Creating a full heating an apartment in the attic associated with heating device, which has its own characteristics and complexity. If the home is conducted electricity and heating, plumbing facilities, then they will have no problems in the attic: bring them to the top floors – a trick. Heating completely divorced from all floors and the attic and will shape a sexual tie. But when the benefits of civilization are absent, the problem is solved individually. It can be fireplaces, small ovens, gas convectors. Their power is selected on the basis floor space, the level of heat protection and possible heat loss.


4.Metodologia of research For analysis of quotients, will be used the following indices: ) Composition of indebtedness (structure index) Discloses to which the existing ratio enters the obligations of short term in relation to the total obligations, how much the company will have to pay in short term for each Real of the total of the obligations. How much lesser it will be this better index will be for the company, therefore it will have bigger stated periods to liquidate its commitments. b) Participation of capital of third This quotient discloses to which the existing ratio between capital of third and capital proper, that is, how much the company is using capital of third stops each proper Real. How much lesser it will be this quotient will be better for the company, who to say that the company possesss applied proper capital more and little debt. When the degree of indebtedness shown for this quotient will be raised, normally the company will find difficulty for the attainment of banking loans and other financings because the available guarantees will be few to offer in exchange.

c) Immobilization of Patrimony This quotient discloses to which the parcel of the Equity was used to finance the purchase of the permanent asset, that is, how much the company immobilized in its asset for each Real of the PL, presented the existence or not of the Proper Liquid capital. ' ' How much lesser this better index for empresa' ' A aspect evidenced for this quotient is the existence or not of the dependence of Capitals of third financing the Current assets; if all the Equity will be used to finance the permanent asset, will mean that all the AC was financed with resources of third, presenting a favorable situation. d) General liquidity Sample if the applied financial resources in the current assets and the Realizable one in the long run is enough to pay the total obligations.


The sad constatao is that the people has the covering that deserves. People you free of entities stimulants of triunfalistas devaneios are immunized against this type of encantamento. Some ministries invoke the aid of this demon, instead of banishing them from its cults. One asks, that it hangs in air, raises the possibility of innumerable answers: Which is the origin of as many religious devaneios? Nobody would obtain to be more direct of what Tiago when saying: ‘ ‘ Of where, seno of the pleasures that militate in your meat? ‘ ‘ It is objetividade excessively for an anxious church for overdoses of sobrenaturalidade inconsequente. The season of hunting is opened the answers fools on the origin of our disputes.

Already they had been given innumerable, but all play the guilt for are of us. We go to enumerate some: 1. demnio.2.Foram the puffs of the cigar of ‘ ‘ caboclo penalty brava’ ‘ .3. farofa of encruzilhada.4.Foi the shady side of fora.5. a frog enterrado.6.P of coelho.7.Palavras mgicas8.Abertura of dimensional vestibules. Therefore Tiago simply interrupts this colloquy saying that the disputes, the heresies, the wars, the murders, the assaults, the traffic, the dispute for the power, fofoca and the azedume, if feed of our desire of pleasure.

In this direction, it has taste pra everything. Some find the revenge a delight, others were banqueteiam with the bankruptcy of the opponents. Many liberate great amounts of adrenalin when they threaten, they traem, they steal, they provoke losses and unemployment. Already vi much people asking for the God helps who them to reach its more left-hand side intentions. Until ‘ ‘ men of Deus’ ‘ they enter in this line.’ ‘ dispersed mine enemies; he hurls your arrows and he wastes-os’ ‘ (Salmo 144).Conjuncts aiming at the fall of opponents are motivated by the same principles of the Vodu, only change the name of the invoked entity. Of Exu for Yeshua. Seemed he is not same? But it will be that everything what we need to make to invoke the certain entity, is to say the certain name? Or it will be that we need to be moved by the reasons and correct methods? If you want to have certainty of that its conjunct will reach the certain ears, you are not enough to say those magical words in the end: ‘ ‘ On behalf of Jesus, Amm’ ‘. Before making an order, he has the certainty of that its with priority objective, is not to satisfy instincts low as revenge, sex, domain, authority, money and position.He wants to know why?

Russia’s Forests

Within a few hours after the accident spot area reached 25 square kilometers by the end of the week spot spread over 130 km along the Yenisei. From the oil patches hit fisheries' Izerbel 'and' Sayan trout, where a total of 400 tons of trout were killed. Representatives of Fisheries did not record the death of fish in the Yenisei. On Friday, Russian Emergency Situations Ministry expert Paul Plath said that oil stain virtually eliminated. In Office, noted that the concentration of petroleum products and the intensity of the oil film in the zone of influence of an accident tend to decrease. Approximate damage to the ecosystem of the Yenisei hit oil in the water after the accident at the ges will be evaluated in early September.

Russia's forests are on the brink of disaster Environmentalists are concerned about the situation that has evolved around the Russian forests in the past few years. Because of the forestry reform have been virtually eliminated mechanisms of the state of forest protection, is the capture and development of forest lands, as well as barbarous deforestation. All this puts the country on the brink environmental and socio-economic disaster in the forest sector. According to the head of the forest department 'Greenpeace Russia, "Alexei , the new Forest Code, which entered into force on 1 January 2007, almost left the timber unattended. Environmentalists constantly monitor reports of violations in the woods. Basically it reports of the illegal building and logging, illegal dumps and fires. As noted by Mr , the imperfection of the new forest legislation may lead to the fact that in Moscow in 10 years will disappear about 12% of the forests.