Month: May 2012


The women generally are customary to receive seconds. What I mean with this is that the women choose to be satisfied to less than what they want. Good, I hope that the indignation of the majority of you who are reading this, but escchame, please. In this country, the men have the power. Sight to…

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North Atlantic Ocean

The city of A Corunna is of great strategic importance by its location, in the extreme northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. The port of A Corunna has maintained, throughout the years, its regional importance like head with a view to the North Atlantic Ocean. So important it is east port that counts on the Light…

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Mexican Consumers

According to Annual Reporte of Preference of Color in Automobiles elaborated by DuPont in different countries, this year the most popular colors in Mexico were the target and the black, both with a 20 percent of preference between the consumers, followed by the silver (17 percent), gray (13 percent), blue (12 percent), red (11 percent),…

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