Month: January 2019

Recent Object

They find its objects of love according to model of the narcissism. (FREUD, 2006, P. 106). In the Schreber Case (1911), Freud places the narcissism enters the love of the object and auto-erotismo, where the citizen takes the proper body as love object, at this moment it considers the narcissism as a normal stage of…

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Marx Freedom

Karl Marx, through its ideals of fight in defense of the low classrooms, made great revolutions. Not only at its time, but he opened precedents for others great moments in history. Its performance, was destructive and constructive; destructive, in the measure where it proclaimed the death of the bourgeoisie, and constructive, a time that announced…

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Insurance Companies

March 25, 2010 in Moscow, "Marriott Hotel" the IV Conference IT in the insurance business," which brought together the heads of major insurance companies. At the conference, with speaker Marat Genatulin, Director Automation Consulting Group "Intelis" – one of the most famous companies in the market, dealing with the automation of insurance based on 1C.…

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