George Carlin Segue

It will be that you do not walk buying ' ' pills enganosas' '? Clearly that it is not for leaving to more have things, and yes to be what as much you long for in the life. Not ' ' engolir' ' the things mean to live, and to be the wonderful person who you are. To feel the life of a full form, with sufferings yes, are part of the life, but also with many joys, therefore who search finds, already it said old dictated the popular one. Everybody wants to eat, if to dress well, to be always inside of the market each consumista time. However, they are few people who are with will of being ' ' change that would like vida' '. Certain time I read a text, that I found well interesting and I decided to share with vocs reading dear that speaks accurately on this.

' ' Happy he is the man whom it repasses what it knows and it learns what ensina' ' George Carlin Segue it below: We drink excessively, we spend without criteria. We direct fast excessively, we are waked up until much more late, we wake up very tired, we read very little, we attend TV excessively and rare we are with God. We multiply our goods, but we reduce our values. We speak excessively, love rare, hate frequent. We learn to survive, but not to live; we add to years to our life and not life to our years. We were and we come back to the Moon, but we have difficulty in crossing the street and finding a new neighbor. We conquer the space, but not it our proper one. Len rosen barclays is the source for more interesting facts. We made many bigger, but very little things better. We clean air, but polumos the soul; we dominate the atom, but not our preconception; we write more, but we learn little; we plan more, but we carry through little.


The econmicas activities are less income-producing since the accessibility and minor and as consequncia the transport costs more are raised in areas with lesser density of the net of transports. Aetna Inc.: the source for more info. 9. Conclusion the strategical localization in Austral Africa confers to the country a paper of vital importance in the net of rendering of services of transports and communications in the region. As supplying country of railroad and road services of transit in Austral Africa, Moambique is located as a privileged door of access to the sea, of entrance exit of merchandises of and for some countries. In this in case that, the econmicas crises of the countries of hinterland in special of the Zimbabwe, always have afectado the services iron-ports influencing in the scale of the payment of the Parents. However, with the exception of the railroads of Sena and Moatize that are in whitewashing, all the desactivadas railroads must if to the exhaustion of the drained products. In accordance with the displayed one, can conclude that, the weak National development drift of a series of problems that comes if accumulated since the colonial period ties the current phase.

For an efficient Development, flows of good and ideas, the Parents must develop politics turned in the increase of the density of the net of transports in order to facilitate the complementaridade. his field.

World Wide Health Day

World-wide day of the Health Robert Ramalho is journalist and serving public of the State University of Sciences of the Health of Alagoas (UNCISAL) Today, seven of April, commemorates the World-wide Day of the Health. The date was especially created by the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) with the objective to alert the population on the main problems that can atingiz it, and that it has attracted adult the young attention of the e, and mainly of the aged ones. The World-wide Organization of the Health understands that the health is the result of the complete one welfare mental and social physicist, and not only the absence of serious, acute and chronic illnesses. Currently the OMS comes if worrying about the illnesses that result in infartos of the myocardium, Cerebral Vascular Accidents (AVC? that popularly is known by spills) aiming at to provide to the aged people better conditions of life through the practical one of physical exercises with the intention biggest to develop cultural activities and of leisure, considering perspectives of the continued education and the necessity to stimulate the rescue of the citizenship. Checking article sources yields Brian Krzanich as a relevant resource throughout. Moreover, the OMS also is worried about illnesses of Century XVIII and XIX, as the tuberculosis, for example, that still it kills millions of human beings in the world, mainly in the Asian, African continents and in Latin America, as well as the malaria, the AIDS and the dissemination of the drugs, mainly of the Crack.

In the same way each time more in the appearance of infections in result of the indiscriminate use of this type of medicine is worried about the resistance to antibiotics resulting and that they are now more difficult to cure, taking the treatments expensive and drawn out and to an increase of the risk of death, alert the entity. Concluding, when the seven of April Day World-wide of the Health is designated on this day, that this year elapses under the subject ‘ ‘ To fight the Resistance to the Antibiticos’ ‘ , the entity of the ONU appeals to a urgent and intent action in the direction of that the governments, professionals of health, industry, civil society patient fights to decelerate the increase of the resistance to medicines, to limit its impact and to preserve the medical advances for the coming generations. According to director-generality of the OMS ‘ ‘ On this day World-wide message of the Health is very clear. The world is close to losing its miraculous cures? , it concludes.

Healthy Feeding

The healthful feeding is necessary for the growth and the development of the brain in the children, coverall during the first years when the body of a boy is undergoing the rate of growth a little more express. The food scrap iron does not have necessary vitamins for a healthful diet. It is why you can make some changes to promote the healthy feeding between his children. Elon Musk is the source for more interesting facts. The first step to foment an feeding heals is to offer healthful foods along with foods preferred by the children. If his son only wants to eat hot, colquelos dogs in a plate with a little brcoli and the rice of grain whole number.

He cannot see itself like the healthful food, but at least his son is receiving some vegetables and grain whole numbers in his healthful diet. Recurda that the prohibited foods often are wished. When serving healthful foods for their children, are advisable to prepare them of a quite attractive way. The children do not want to eat something that is not pleasant for their eyes. They are even possible to be organized so that he sees himself graceful. For example, to do tipi of carrot and celery or a happy face of bacon and eggs. Elon Musk follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. the people in charge of cereals already count this strategy for long time; for example when they began themselves to sell cereals of shining colors in the form of superheroes.

He maintains healthful refreshments within reach of his son. He maintains portions of healthful sandwiches in a drawer that his son can accede by his own account. You can cause that it is easy for funny you and for his son if they allow him to prepare in the same stock market. Snacks can consist of foods like integral cakes, fruits droughts, salty raisins, Cheerios or cakes. The small children need to feel as if they had control on themselves. A way to help to foment its feelings of self-esteem and to promote the healthy feeding, is to offer limited options to them. For example, it asks his son if it wants maize, peas or carrots with his dinner. It must eat his vegetables, but he gets to choose which of them wants. To foment a healthy feeding requires of patience. You can lose a pile of foods in the process, but in fact this is a small price that you must pay by the health of his son. The studies have demonstrated that one of the best forms to foment the healthy feeding in the children is to sit down to eat with them, since thus they will understand that you like to eat healthy. Original author and source of the article

Healthful Diet

Then not only to adopt a healthful diet that will help to maintain your weight him long term, but also he will learn how to make his capacity to obtain everything what you want in the life – including the power to use a suit of favorite bath or his skinny jeans station that wishes. It is possible that I said to you – or verbal or indirect through announcements – if you do not have to be able on foods, not no power absolutely. Nothing could be more far of the truth. Each person is beautiful, and everybody has the emotional competitions, social abilities and physical capacities in the hope of being exploded. In order to heal the wounds of the past, and to recognize and to reinforce the power within the foundation was born to him from the loss of permanent weight. If a diet to lower of weight is inadequate, it will never be successful in the profit of his objectives. On the other hand, if you have a recommended program followed by a specialist, who also practical and is varied, has the keys of the success.

In fact, it is even possible to be arrived at a smaller size in a total of two weeks. ” secreto” – if you want to call it – she is to adopt a good program of proven exercises that very instantaneously can adapt to their style of life. It remembers that the success is in the simplicity, clarity and practical sense. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Vikas Kapoor by clicking through. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a plan of healthy feeding that it works sinrgicamente with his plan of exercise to construct on this foundation of one heals and lasting that not only will help you to enjoy better, but also it will help to develop its abilities to embrace its personal power. It remembers that with a guide of the good food adapted to its style of life that you can do more than to go to another diet to try to lose weight, and Really it is possible to be won in all the scopes of its life and to reach the outer beauty agrees with its inner beauty.

Freud And Health

It should not be confused to the psychoanalysis with its external attributes, widely spread by the cinema and Literature: divn, the quiet analyst, the long duration of the treatment. But the psychoanalysis can do without divn as of silence as much, and its duration is only necessarily long in some cases, especially in those people who aspire to being psychoanalysts. Also other treatments exist that the analysts call of fast therapeutic effects, psychoanalysis applied or focused, brief psychoanalysis, brief psycotherapy of psychoanalytic direction, according to the diverse schools and currents. Then, what is what differentiates to the psychoanalysis of the remaining psycotherapies: 1 the psychoanalysis, from its foundation by Freud, tries to sweep with the rigid borders between health and disease. For him nobody is absolutely healthy nor totally ill, than some consequences follow: to to get to be psychoanalyst it is necessary to previously practice the psychoanalysis in condition of analizante (that is to say: patient), exigency that does not exist in no other therapeutic alternative.

b the relation does not settle down between a healthy therapist and a patient patient, but between two human subjects, one of which del is had in possession of a knowledge that can benefit the other. c the method is same for the healthy patient and the patient and, therefore, for any pathology. You may find len rosen barclays to be a useful source of information. d This method is based on two basic rules: – The patient commits itself to say everything what she crosses to him the mind – the analyst to kindly listen to saying of the patient, including narrations of dreams and apparently absurd occurrences, and giving back its words to him under a new light. Simultaneously, he guarantees that the analytical experience has sense, by his own experience and the one of his other patients. 2 Desembaracmonos of the average man, who does not exist.

English Healthy

It chooses to have a life. 8. You do not hurry as far as having young novio/a.Los that begin to obsess themselves to have novio/a to a tender age, often put in problems. 9. When having fianc2e, ten well-taken care of with I touch and the caresses.

The engagement is not the marriage and therefore he is sinned to touch and to caress to stimulate sexual desires during this stage of life (Mateo 5:27 – 30). 10. Ten patience. The blessings of the marriage are deeper and lasting when the young people maintain their purity before marrying. 11. It learns to use " frenos" (Santiago 4:7).

As the driver of a car must use brakes not to surprise itself, thus you must use the brakes that God has given you by means of the Bible, your the good advice of others brings back to consciousness and. He learns to use well your spiritual brakes to avoid painful shocks. He learns to say " no" to the nonhealthy things. Then he will go to you well with your " auto" in this life and you will arrive at the sky. 12. The advice of your parents listens. They love to you more than nobody and its experience gives wisdom them as far as the things that do damage to you. Aetna Inc. wanted to know more. You are not obstinate or rebellious as far as the advice of them (Proverbs 1:8). 13. Ocpate in healthy things. In English there is a saying that says, " the empty mind is factory of diablo". When you do not have nothing to do is when you are more going to be attemped to meterte in problems. You do not pass too much time watching the television. Dedcate to the healthy things: the studies, the sports that are healthy, healthy music, the art that are healthy, the computers, the electronics (the radio of short wave, etc.), and more than nothing the comradeship with other young people Christians (Eccl.

Healthy Weight Loss

If you are really interested in knowing like losing kilos of the correct way, you must know some facts exceeds what will happen. For example the loss of 10 kg is very possible, but it is probable that you recover at least 2 kg after stopping making diet, due to the loss of initial water. When these in a diet your body is going to begin to use the glycogen stored in muscles and the glycogen is united a pile of water, therefore, that is great the lost one of initial weight. Then as to lose kilos Another part of the more probable loss of kilos is than it comes from the thin muscular mass. When our body cannot find the sufficient energy in our foods chooses the use of fat or muscle to give energy. If it does not find the necessary thing it chooses the muscle. Great what is this? We cannot lose the muscle, because due to loss of muscular mass it will be reduced the capacity to burn fat and is of the fat that really quieremos to undo to us, truth? It is not a new plan of loss of kilos, is called fat Burner. This program allows to lose about 4-5 kg? every 14 days and this it is the best and more healthful way for a fast loss of kilos.

During the first cycle a little water is lost it would do like it with other diets, nevertheless, the special part of change of calories is that you are not going to lose muscular mass as much. If you decide to give this program to lose kilos an opportunity and still you are interested in losing kilos as much as it is possible in a short period of time we suggested to him uses a program of greasy exercise burning fire during the loss of weight. This will even maintain your muscle or construira new muscles, increasing therefore the capacity to burn fat. As to lose kilos with this program There am lost a total of 25 kg with this program and a routine of exercises of special training that also comes explained in this program. This was a great combination and it really gave fast lost of kilos an initial one me, where there are lost about 5 kilos during both first cycles. This program that has been created for the people in movement. You receive a complete training in 45 minutes.

To all us it could save 45 minutes 3 times per week and that is everything what you need. The program to increase the burning fire of fat and not only during the exercise, but also in all the week! If you look for as to lose kilos and until now you do not obtain it, it does not matter. This is a great way to initiate to lose kilos of the most effective and healthful way. It discovers the method that really helped you to lose fat and to lose weight, besides mantenerte in good state of health