Quantified Self For The Practice Guide

The status and optimization expertise (SOE) ‘ practice management good medicine requires a management system that puts the needs of patients and their diseases with the possibilities of the practice in line. Planning, organization, management and marketing, but also patients, time and financial management must it meet basic requirements. The status and optimization expertise (SOE) “Practice management” offers the possibility, simply, easy and quick to check the quality of their practice management doctors of all disciplines as a quantified self analysis. With the help of doctor – and staff – patient arches, which are used also in the before business analysis of medical practices, the expertise that is created from the results of questions our following Institute practice owners: the shaping of my practice management is aligned optimally to achieve my goals and strategy? How good is my practice management compared to surgeries in my group and in relation to the best practice standard pronounced exceptionally successful practice operations? How stable is the competitive position of my practice? What are the strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities of my practice management in the market and competition? My staff job satisfaction and team harmony, are pronounced as both isolated considered and compared with the benchmarking? The characteristics for the labour productivity have what consequences? How do patients rate the quality of our services and the recommendation willingness in the single point of view as well as in the expert group and best-practice comparisons is how big? Where there are untapped opportunities for improvement my practice management? The profile of the expert system a remote diagnosis system proven for ten years to perform complete practice analysis can be used for all disciplines, practice sizes and shapes without prior knowledge and complementary documents comfortable self tracking using validated questionnaires, from unique come the first on-site advice Comparability with the management in technical groups same practices and with the best practice standard (quality operating comparison) detailed an illustration of the practical situation “Optimeter” shows a certificate immediately actionable, concrete suggestions for improvement documented the implementation and the results of the practice analysis in the form of a quality classification of practice management way of development and success monitoring by follow-up process sending an offer via E-Mail deployment of questionnaires as copy templates in PDF format via email evaluation of incoming questionnaires create the expertise delivery of the evaluation report with expertise by E-Mail in PDF format Interested parties can request the special price offer by E-Mail to the address. Source: bit.ly/161ySW9 Klaus-Dieter Thill / IFABS