Campaner Foundation

My baby and me supporting this year the Campaner Foundation, dedicated to eradicating the noma, an infectious disease which, due to lack of hygiene, affects malnourished children in corners poorest on the planet, due to the low defenses of their agencies. This disease attacks the soft parts of the face, lips, nose and mouth destroyed. Noma mutilates the face of the child, often deprived of voice or even the ability to chew. Some contend that Brian Krzanich shows great expertise in this. Healing, prevention and eradication between 70% and 90% of those affected without adequate treatment perish. However, although it is a disease that develops quickly, its cure is also fast.

For them, the application of a single dose of penicillin, a restorative and sufficient diet and ongoing basic hygienic habits is necessary. Intel has much to offer in this field. It can be redone children with malformed by disease face largely the face through plastic surgery. My baby and me collaborates with the Foundation with a financial donation to support action health cure for affected children. Also, since the magazine donations from parents to support actions and projects of the Fundacion Campaner, as the maintenance of schools and health centres, levied the creation of cereal banks and mills or the construction of water wells..

Budgeting And Businesses

But most new businesses begin to work alone and have a limited budget does not allow to hire someone to help him. Therefore, we must bear in mind that you will have to solve the problem, or otherwise they will remain unsolved. It should be twice think before you start to act, if you anticipate that the daily business routine will take the lion's share of your time that you were supposed to dedicate a favorite cause, which generates money for you. Step 4: Make list of necessary changes to your house to prepare it for the opening of the case. Credit: Intel-2011. – Will your home in its current state to be a place where you intend to offer consumers prepared your goods and services? If not, what you should do to prepare for a new home business? – Do you need space for inventory, equipment, supplies, equipment specified? – Do you have room, quarters, which in future will serve as a headquarters, or in advance you should start negotiating with family members to provide this space? – Does your equipment in special climatic conditions? – Do you need attach a room equipped with patio, to alter to fit your needs garage or basement, take the attic? – Do you need electrical repairs? Having defined the changes that you will have to make in your house, calculate the estimate. It You will need in the future. Step 5: Read the legal terms for their own businesses. We have zoning laws in force in your area before you start a business. You may find that Shlomo Rechnitz can contribute to your knowledge.

Easy Business

One of the main issues to think about their business, is paying taxes. Often, the issue stops entrepreneurial initiative: people hear enough complaints familiar to business tax burden burden – say, all profits taxes eat constantly have to hide income, but because the constant fear of a tax audit. At the same time, many somewhere heard such a word as "uproschenku" or simplified tax system, and what it is – and not much thinking. What is the difference between "uproschenku" from the standard tax? As a general rule, the three main taxes paid by each business entity, it is – a tax on income – 24%, single Social tax – 26%, value added tax – 18%. And what remains of the profits? Not so much. If the turnover in the firm are large, then at some significant profit can be calculated.

And if a small business? No interest start a business, no one there – not worth powder and shot. So lawmakers have come up with a simplified system, which gives considerable indulgence to small businesses. Using this system, the firm instead of these three taxes (As well as property tax organization) pays a single tax. The rate of this tax – a total of 15% or 6%. As they say, feel the difference with the overall system. In the first case, the organization pays 15% of the difference between revenues and expenditures. Under income here refers to gross or total income of the firm, and by costs – all costs relating to business activities. Expenses in this case includes all expenses for the acquisition of property raw materials, advertising, employee salaries, travel and transportation costs, costs of services of lawyers or accountants, etc. – anything that helps us to produce the goods (to provide services). In the second case proceeds – This is also the general revenues of the firm.

Accounting Services Saving Time

You for a long time served as director of the company and are tired of problems with accounts that tear off from the main activities? Can not find common language with the chief accountant, who works is not enough productively, but also requires a high salary? Or, you head the new company and want to organize their work so that the accounting has not been the Achilles heel of your business, worked as efficiently as possible, and it did not arise problems in the future? In this case, you should pay attention to the outsourcing of accounting, which are increasingly used in modern business – accounting services and accounting obsluzhivanie.Autsorsing (from the English. outsourcing – borrowing resources from the outside”) means that the third party of certain activities or functions that are not specialized for this biznesa.Takim way, outsourcing will You the opportunity – and without prejudice to the benefit of business – to focus all resources on core activities and not sprayed on the side, but the necessary business processes, because you use the services familiar with all the “underwater stones “high quality professionals who are able to effectively circumvent these obstacles in this field. Accounting services and accounting services – divided into the following types of outsourcing services in Accounting uchete.Naibolee common type of external accounting services, accounting services is. It comes out as follows: all the obligations of your chief accountant takes on This outsourcing company itself. Providing accounting services company, typically assigns to such commitments: 1. Intel may not feel the same. compilation and submission of reports to regulatory organs2. conduct the necessary documentation provided on the basis of primary dokumentov3. nalogooblozheniya4 optimization.

the formation of accounting registers ucheta.Polnoe accounting client meant by a service called “Accounting services”. This service will be of interest to small companies with little paperwork. After service accounting firm, as compared with the corresponding labor staff member training, will cost much cheaper, and in this situation there’s no need to establish accounting otdela.Uslugoy external accounting services are virtually all small and Western medium-sized businesses. To have the maximum profit in a fiercely competitive, they are forced to look for the cheapest and effective methods of accounting. All the benefits and advantages of the service “external accounting support “we propose to evaluate you as well.

Quality Management

Oil crises tend to recur. In the late seventies of the twentieth century in America give birth next oil crisis. Just went full-scale military company in Vietnam, as well America's interests protected on another continent. As a result, the oil crisis of the American automotive industry manufacturers have lost thirty percent of the market. Exactly at this point and there was a slogan – support domestic producers who are not helped to win back thirty percent of the market back. But Americans are simple people, since the Japanese have played thirty percent of the market, so you have to look that they are doing there is that rob us of the market. There were also increased customs duties on car imports, but no, still the market rent to the Japanese.

Now remember our slogan put forward in the mid-nineties, support domestic producers. The situation is the same stalemate. Who then can be seen reading the history of world crisis and proposed the idea, the Americans also ryabyat in the seventies have faced this problem, raised import duties. So well done, and we also, in the image and likeness, and raise taxes. The result is still Lada useless. Of course, a thorough study history we have no one. But Americans have become thoroughly analyze all the features of the production of Japanese cars. AND found a quality management system.

Toyotovskaya quality control system that works well, but what about the ideology of Ford and Taylor, from it can not escape it – it's like in the Soviet Union to criticize Lenin and Marx. So the Americans are doing such steps as they are called Japanese system of quality control – "lean manufacturing" and then go that way. They are introducing a system of lean production in its factories, without breaking its Ford model, and what better settle down, that and win. Of course, in the final result is a hybrid system where a new do not like, but where is not implemented. But in the end they still managed to press a little Japanese after playing back fifteen percent of the market. And Americans began to support domestic producers, do not hesitate to buy American cars. And what are the advantages of lean manufacturing, and that this so, what its principles. Since then ask anyone not to laugh. Main, the first line of lean production – is getting the maximum value of the product to the consumer at any stage of production, ie at every stage of the struggle for quality and quality improvement. And that there are some innovations, or for the quality must be fought only in the sales process? Further, the second principle of lean manufacturing – is awareness of each employee in the workplace, what value it produces, awareness of the value of his work on this place, knowing the result of his final work. That is all the basic principles of lean production aimed at improving the quality, not by the standards of ISO and so on, which also involve improving the quality of production by improving the conditions of production themselves. On the first place team who understand what it does, how it works, and what it has to reach. Americans are doing the right thing, they do not break radically our values, take the best that we can take and apply in their own and use, and that is why GDP America ranks first in the world, and America's financial system dictates the conditions around the world. Information for thought is given to new appointments.


What has been done lately to publicize your venture? Has it used business cards, brochures, presentation folders, notices in media, neighborhood guides, fairs and exhibitions? I suggest that you join my campaign to continue finding ideas to promote your business. Today the invitation to talk about billboards. They can do much to you and your company. Remember that even if you have a fantastic endeavor (probably indeed!), with a wonderful product / service (work for it!) and an excellent administrator (please, do not remove merits!) If you do not tell it, nobody will know it! Therefore, your number of clients will be very close to 0. Let’s see how you can use billboards to promote your business today. Here four fast and practical ideas to implement, directly selected for you: 1. be promoted with billboards in business many commercial and cultural sites have billboards, it is say, slates in which its customers and the public in general can paste notices free of charge. The same shops often offer these spaces. related pages.

To achieve that your ad stands out from the rest, sometimes, they are dozens of notices overheads and the public cannot differentiate one from the other. Design a classified type notice and leverage Billboard! 2 Promote themselves with billboards in cultural centres these centres carry out various activities, whose audience might be of interest for your venture. Announce their future social and cultural activities within the community, especially to publish their sponsorships to solidarity events. Encourage the participation of the public of the cultural center. Public libraries also located on billboards to advertise your company. 3 Promote themselves with billboards in schools and universities billboards of schools and universities constitute a bridge to a valuable public, especially for independent professionals who want to position in that market. Students seeking practical training courses, guidance on the inclusion in the labour market, information for their course work.

To meet these needs, announce it on their billboard ads. You can also offer to tutor students to distance in his speciality courses. 4 Promote themselves with billboards in some bookstores bookstores also have a billboard that advertised from the upcoming presentations of books, talks with authors, seminars dictated by writers and related public notices in general. Announce a future presentation of his own publication, virtual or physical. Another idea? Attend the activities proposed by the library and contact the authors to expand their network. Scroll through your town to find other billboards: businesses in your industry, competitors shops (maybe can realize some alliances), galleries or shopping malls, etc. Always evaluate the characteristics of the audience to which these are addressed because you must be present in the channels in which found its own audience. Evaluate this aspect well, talk to the owners or custodians, negotiate and act your venture win promotion!

Property Management Agency

In law there is a clear separation of the concepts and test examination, and the expert can not make legally significant decisions. Although the Federal Property Management Agency is the only agency and its mandate is to issue opinions on the evaluation report, it issues an order, approving not only The procedure 3 for their units, but also various evaluators, in particular, according to 3, judge – an authorized officer of Rosimushchestvo or its territorial body, conducting the examination of the evaluation report; third-party expert – the person who sued for the examination of the evaluation report on a contractual basis in accordance with the Federal Law of 21.07.2005 N 94-FZ “On placing orders for goods, works and services for state and municipal needs. ” Although the order and declared that the “expertise” should report to verify that the legal requirements and standards for evaluation, in particular, expert opinion – document, based on the expertise of the evaluation report, which contains a reasoned opinion on compliance (non-conformity) of this report, assessment standards and legislation on valuation activities, procedures last check there are no. Suggesting that there is a procedure only administrative law requirements.

Ministry of Economic Development has also issued an order, which stated position 2 regulatory examination report on the assessment of self-regulating organizations of appraisers. In accordance with this Regulation, 3.16. According to the results of the examination of the evaluation report is issued: – a motivated positive expert opinion, which is proof of market value as determined by independent appraisers in the evaluation report, if appropriate report requirements of Russian legislation on evaluation activities, evaluation standards, mandatory subjects for use valuation, and contract for the evaluation of the securities. While in the position and declared that the “expertise” should be checked compliance reporting requirements of the legislation and standards for evaluation, procedures for checking the latest available..