Water Heating

Any heating system at home includes the interrelated components: 1. Boiler 2. Burner 3. Programmer week 4. Room thermostat remote 5. Separator – the separator air, complete with pressure gauge, safety valve and air valve 6.

Expansion tank heating system 7. Ball valve 8. The circulating pump heating system 9. Circulation pump hot water system 10. Hot water circulating pump 11. Check valve 12.

dhw expansion vessel 13. The safety valve 14. Boiler 15. Filter sump 16. The automatic fill system, complete with mechanical water filter in the article discuss the main functional components of the heating system at home: boiler heating; Pipe layout; Heaters (radiators, towel warmers); security system; Automatic heat. Heating Equipment heating boiler houses or heat generator, is the heart of the heating system. Preparation of hot water and heating – the destination of the boiler. Respectively allocated one-and two-circuit boilers. Single-circuit boilers are only suitable for space heating bypass – for heating and providing hot water. Manufacturers produce: gas, solid fuel boilers, electric boilers and boilers; using liquid fuel. In addition, there are universal boilers capable of operating at 2 or higher fuel. Choosing a boiler, you should consider the challenges in front of the customer. Boiler output should cover: heat loss from the house, which, of course, depend on home insulation heated floor area Power and volume of the tank. Pipe layout or piping intended for transporting the coolant which is often water. The main requirement for them – it is the minimum loss of heat. Good installation and proper selection of all elements of installation guarantee tightness of joints and long lasting service. System security is required of any heating system. The simplest and very important equipment is the expansion tank or ekspanzomat. Without this essential element in a closed heating system circulates hot vteplonositel tear all the most reliable components of the system. Heaters. Their main function is to transfer heat to the room. Therefore, the main characteristic of heating appliances – power output. In as heating devices are the radiators, the system "warm floor", etc. polotentsasushiteli Thermal Automatic – it valves, temperature regulators, stabilizers, pressure regulators, etc. The purpose of this equipment – control of thermal processes, specifically the transfer of the premises is greater than or less than the amount of heat, support inside the set temperature, pressure adjustment and pressure coolant. The result of thermal automatics – a comfortable temperature in the house, ease of management and operation, saving energy carrier. dhw (HWS). In the single-boiler to heat the cold water is fed into a separate boiler, water heater. Heating to the desired temperature is due to the hot coolant, taken from the boiler. Automation of the boiler when it disables the heating equipment, giving priority to the preparation of water water heaters. In the double-circuit boilers, ie boiler with an integrated hot water heater, water is heated, passes through a heat exchanger inside the boiler. Heating Ekaterinburg premises: boilers installation requirements. Instructions on Installation of heating equipment state that the placement of heating units provide: the kitchen, with the power of a heating unit up to 60 kW inclusive, regardless of the gas stove and water heater; in a separate room on any floor (including basement tsokolnomili), with their total power for heating and hot water up to 150 kW, inclusive; in a separate room, the first basement or the basement, as well as indoors, attached to his dwelling house, with their total capacity for the heating system up to 350 kW.